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An effective response to an oil spill is a combination of preparation, procedures and products (equipment and consumables).

ROSCUE represents the following lines of products in Canada. (Click on the links for more information.)

Eco-Tec ADsorb-it reusable hydrocarbon filter fabric in a wide variety of form factors. Traps hydrocarbons in the fabric, which can be recovered by squeezing (wringing) the material. Prevents particulate matter from passing through, while cleansed water flows through. (Price increases coming November 2022.)

Oil Spill Eater International OSE II bioremediant (sold as liquid concentrate) mixed with local wild (untreated) water uses native microbes to reduce hydrocarbons into water and carbon-dioxide after initially rendering the oil product non-flammable and non-toxic, and shuts down evaporation of volatiles (eliminating the oil smell). Also works to remediate soil contaminated by oil products (brownfields).

Oil Solutions polymer powder oil binder and 2-step liquid hard surface cleaner work to microencapsulate oil rendering it non-toxic and non-flammable on contact. The powder produces an inert mat which can be collected by hand or mechanically, while the hard surface cleaner produces an environmentally benign powder which can be swept up and safely landfilled.

Gravity-based oil spill recovery vessels (from 5 metres LOA and up) pick up over 90% of oil encountered on open water, even in waves, near-gale conditions and in darkness. These vessels are designed to be multi-functional so they can earn a living as real work boats, and switch to oil recovery mode in less than an hour when required.

N.B. ROSCUE does not provide emergency spill response services. We equip first responders, spill response organizations, communities, vehicle and home owners so that they can provide superior, effective, first line response to spills of oil products.

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