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U.S. Spills Increase 60% Since 2009 as Pipeline Corrosion Cost Hits $2.5 Trillion

February 21, 2018 - Full Story: Rigzone @Rigzone


The number of U.S. oil and gas pipeline spills has increased nearly 60% since 2009 as aging infrastructure wears out, and “if the industry continues its upward trajectory, the financial impact of corroded steel pipelines will multiply,” corrosion protection executive Merrick Alpert writes in an opinion piece for Rigzone, an industry news outlet. (more at link above)

2017 saw hike in serious rail, pipeline accidents, says safety board

February 20, 2018 - CBC News


Serious accidents involving both rail and pipeline transport of dangerous substances like crude oil and gas increased in 2017 over the previous year, according to statistics compiled by the Transportation Safety Board. (more at link above)

Limits of pipeline leak detection systems hit spotlight again with Saskatchewan spill

Janunary 30, 2017 - CBC News


In the U.S., where pipeline data is centrally tracked, a study in 2012 for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration showed the operators' control rooms detected 17 per cent of oil spills.
In Canada, the National Energy Board only started in 2015 to track in detail how leaks are discovered.
Still, the NEB data is similar to that of the U.S., with control rooms detecting 20 of the 128 leaks of oil, gas and other substances in the past two years.

2017-10-04 RESTCo presented at the 40th AMOP Arctic and Maritime Oil Spill conference in Calgary. You can view the backdrop poster and handout.

2016-11-02 ROSCUE principal Darryl McMahon co-authors an article in World Pipelines magazine speaking to social licence to operate (SLO) and a variety of innovative oil spill removal and remediation products.

2016-02-23 After years of research and months of raising the issue with the Canadian federal government, ROSCUE principal sent this letter regarding dispersant use to Environment Canada officials and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

2013-02-04 RESTCo gave a presentation to the U.S. National Research Council related to responding to oil spills in Arctic waters, consequences and superior clean-up and remediation techniques.

2012-02-15 RESTCo's submission to Environmental Audit Committee of UK House of Commons - Protecting the Arctic ( Also available at the U.K. government's website)
(or local link)

2012-02-02 On February 2, 2012, Dr. Willam A. (Bill) Adams presented a paper at the 2012 Northern Lights conference, which was authored by him and Christopher (Chris) Ives. The title of the paper is "Operating in the Arctic Ocean: Environmental Realities and Technical Challenges". It deals with the potential for offshore drilling for oil and natural gas in the icy waters of the Arctic, and potential consequences.

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