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ROSCUE stands for Rapid Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment. We bring a completely different perspective to cleaning up oil spills than current spill response organizations. ROSCUE provides:

  • effective solutions to difficult spill removal problems
  • streamlined sourcing and easier logistics for oil spill recovery and remediation logistics
  • enhanced public perception of corporate responsibility and social licence to operate
  • tested, credible solutions
  • cost-effective approaches which exceed regulatory requirements
  • If you have an oil spill, you have a problem. ROSCUE has solutions for spills on water, on land, new spills, old spills ...

    Solutions which:

  • actually remove oil from the environment
  • are truly effective and minimize health and environmental issues
  • are cost-effective compared with typical approaches and products in use in North America today.
  • There is no "silver bullet" when it comes to oil spill recovery and remediation. It takes a toolbox to deal with spills based on the location (land, fresh water, sea water, shoreline, marsh, etc.), ambient temperature, weather conditions (yes, there are products which can operate in wind, rain, icy water and waves), type of oil or refined oil product, and how long the oil has been exposed to air.

    ROSCUE has adopted the RESTCo criteria for evaluating spill response products for determining which products to represent.

    Company Principal

    Darryl McMahon has a degree in business administration and has worked for decades as a project manager and small business owner, primarily in the field of sustainable systems. His work on oil spill response dates from approximately 2007. Mr. McMahon is also a Director of RESTCo, and has built, owned and advocated for zero-emissions electric drive vehicles and systems since the 1970s. He is the award-winning author of The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy and has published articles and papers and presented at international conferences related to electric vehicles, transportation and mobility, sustainable housing and infrastructure, information technology and more.

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